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Why us?

Why we are the logical choice.

Why Choose Jenkins & Co.?

At Jenkins & Co., we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to managing accounts.

Here’s why we should be your trusted partner:

More Time: Leaving you to the day to day running your business.

Improved Efficiency: Streamline your financial processes and free up internal resources.

Data-Driven Decisions: Gain valuable insights to make strategic choices for the business’ future.

Peace of Mind: Know your finances are in good hands with a dedicated team of experts.

Our management team's experience

Managing Director, Ben, trained at Hazlewoods, covering a variety of sectors from Healthcare and education through to Engineering and Construction. His early career focused largely on accounts production and audits, before making the move to the other side of the industry with Optimising IT. Ben led the finance team at Optimising IT and helped optimise various processes through use of automation and documentation. His passion lies in using technology to deliver easily digestible and reliable financial information, and helping business owners understand their company finances better.

Our Client Services Manager, Hannah has worked across most aspects of our finance world, previously working alongside Ben at Hazlewoods where she was an auditor, Optimising IT where she was the Finance Manager prior to Ben, worked as a production accountant on some Hollywood blockbusters and more. She excels when breaking down processes, simplifying them in a logical manner, while sticking to best practices.