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Additional services

We'll tailor our suite of services to meet your needs.

In addition to our core remote finance services, Jenkins & Co. can provide a comprehensive suite of financial tools to help businesses streamline their operations. This includes everything from managing revenue and expenses to handling VAT returns and credit control. We can even act as a liaison with your accountant and provide general finance administration support.

Our other financial services

Meeting with, and supporting, internal Finance teams

When acting as an outsourced Finance Manager, your internal finance team can collaborate with Jenkins & Co. to help optimise your internal processes and strengthen your financial controls and provide valuable insights.

General Finance Administration

From interfacing with business owners on what the accounts mean to managing the day-to-day finance side of the business, Jenkins & Co can offer different levels of expertise. Acting as your external finance team, we work flexibly to meet the accounting requirements of your business.

Forecast and budget sessions

These sessions are designed to keep you in control of your finances. We’ll review your income and expenses alongside past data to create accurate forecasts and budgets. By comparing these to your prior year’s performance, we can identify areas for improvement and offer tailored support to help you achieve your financial goals.

Credit Control

Using our automated credit control platform, the external credit control team can simplify your collections process to ensure you get paid on time.

Excel Support

We help businesses speed up finance with Excel. Whether you need a refresh or a complete rebuild, we can help design a system that meets your needs. We’ve helped clients achieve dramatic time savings, turning a 4-day process into a 10-minute task

Bi-monthly payment runs

We offer a solution for busy business owners: a dedicated external finance team to handle your bi-monthly payment runs, ensuring no balances are left outstanding.

Accountant Liaison

Acting as a bridge between your business and your accountant, specifically in preparation for the year-end, we ensure all the financial information is organised, complete, and ready for the accountant to handle. Think of us as the folks who make sure all the ducks are in a row before tax season hits!

Raising invoices

Struggling to keep up with invoice creation? Improve cash flow with a remote invoicing team dedicated to raising invoices on your behalf. Allow our experts to handle the invoicing process efficiently and securely.

VAT Returns

Taking care of your VAT returns shouldn’t be a hassle. At Jenkins & Co., we offer VAT services to ensure your business stays compliant. We understand that VAT regulations can be complex, and our team of experts are here to handle everything for you.

Revenue/Expenses reconciliation checks

Is your year-end approaching and you’re wondering if your accounts are ready for the accountant? Especially, are you unsure if your accounts have reconciled correctly?

We understand this concern! In fact, a pre-year end check is a common service we offer to help ensure everything is organised and prepared before you hand it over to your accountant.