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Our curated selection of information that shed some light on some complex areas.

Running your business shouldn’t mean wrestling with complex finances. At Jenkins & Co., we bridge the gap for businesses needing expert financial guidance.

Our practical and personalised approach cuts through the numbers, giving you clear insights you can trust. We handle as much or as little of your bookkeeping and accounting as you need, freeing you to focus on what matters most – growing your business.

The solutions we offer...

What is bookkeeping?

Beyond the frequently asked bookkeeping questions, we’ve broken down exactly what bookkeeping is, involving best practices and what to avoid.

What are management accounts?

You may have heard what accounts are, but what exactly are management accounts? We’ve broken all of that down in this article.

Cloud payroll; what is it?

Gone are the days of paper payslips and manual timesheets; we’ll explain how cloud payroll works and its many benefits.

What is Xero?

In short, it’s an accounting package… But it’s so much more than ‘just’ an accounting package. There’s a reason we only work with Xero. You’ll find out why here.